Sept. 7     9:00 am               Executive Committee Meeting -Garden Center
 10:30 am                Board of Directors Meeting-
Garden Center
                                Hosts: Judy Zimmerman, Terry Pinckley, Beth
                                Timberlake, Carole Winter

Sept. 10 10:00 am               CREATIVE CRAFTS – for all GCSP members
                                                at the Garden Center

Program: Garnishes: Bug Food (bring a paring knife)
                                                Cost for materials - $3.50 members - $4.50 for guests

Sept. 11 11:30 pm               GCSP ALL MEMBERS MEETING - Garden Center
                                                “Welcome”.  How To Grow?
                                                Speaker: Circle Presidents
Host Group—Board of Directors     

Sept. 11   7:00 pm               Night Bloomers Circle Meeting - Garden Center
                                                Program: Wunder Farms Organic Community
                                                Garden Fall Planting
                                                Speaker Ray Wunderlich, Founder of Wunder Farms

Sept. 18 12:30 pm               Dracaena Circle Meeting - Garden Center
                                                Program:  “Welcome Back Party”     “THIS IS US”
                                                Upcoming Programs & Hospitality Guidelines

Sept. 19 10:00 am               Flower Arranging Meeting - Garden Center
                                                Program: Tool Box Overview & Suggestions
                                                Speaker/Presenter:  Pat Eckert

Sept. 20   10:00 am             Daylily Circle Meeting- Garden Center
                                                Program: Bromeliades

Sept. 25 12:00 pm              Jungle Circle -Garden Center
                                                Program: Environmental Issues
                                                Speaker: Charles Warren Ankerberg



Oct. 5      9:00 am                 Executive Committee Meeting - Garden Center
            10:30 am                  Board of Directors Meeting
-Garden Center
                                                Hosts: Susan Cooper. Jill Anderson. Carol Lucia, Liz                 Coerver

Oct. 6      11:00 am               Night Bloomers Tour of West Coast Tropicals Palm Tree Nursery
                                                Tour Guide, Mike Evans, Owner
                                                6015 100 Way N. St. Petersburg, 33708
                                                Optional Lunch following the tour.
                                                Open to all members

Oct. 8   10:00 am                 CREATIVE CRAFTS  - for all GCSP members
                                                Garden Center
                                                Program: Painted Glass for Fall/ December Holiday
                                                Cost for materials - $3.50 members - $4.50 for guests.

Oct.9       6:30 pm                 Night Bloomers Circle - Garden Center
                                                Program: Florida Native Plants
                                                Speaker: Michael Manlowe, Owner Twigs & Leaves Nursery

Oct. 10   10:00 am              Flower Arranging Circle –Garden Center
                                Program: Design Challenge
                              $5 for guests and other GCSP members

Oct. 16   12:30 pm               Dracaena Circle - Garden Center
                                                Program: Hints, Tips & Plant Presentation
                                                Speaker: Sandy Ambler & Ann Cross

Oct. 17                                   District VIII Meeting
                                                Plant City

Oct. 18     9:30 am               Daylily Circle - Garden Center
                                                Program: Botanical Gardens Tour at County Extension

Oct. 22      9.00 am              Set Up Tables                                     

Oct. 23-24 9:00 am             Plant Sale Set Up

Oct. 26-27 9 am-3 pm        DISTRICT VIII FLOWER SHOW
                                                PLANT AND GARDEN SALE

Oct. 29                                   District VIII Judge’s Council

Oct. 30    12:00 pm              Jungle Circle -Garden Center
                                                Program: Bromeliad Garden Picnic
                                                Speaker: Marty Baxter of Jungle Gems

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