2017 Flower Show Documents

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2017 Blast From the Past Flower Show


Tricolor Award                              Carol Lucia

Petite Award                                 Jan Thompson

Designer’s Choice Award             Jill Anderson

Table Artistry Award                    Mary Pat Troy

Award of Design Excellence         Jill Anderson


Green Thumb Awards          Debra Schnitzler, Sandi Fox, Sue Massey,

Marsha Colin, Dennis Rady (2)

Grower’s Choice Awards     Lenore Callahan, Terry Jordan, Carol Lucia

Hanging Plant Award – Flowering              Pat Strawn

Hanging Plant Award – Foliage                   Ashley Drew Graham

Arboreal Award – Flowering                       not awarded

Arboreal Award – Foliage                            Terry Jordan

Awards of Merit                    Jan Stoffels, Cathy Holzwart

Award of Horticultural Excellence              Terry Jordan

Special Exhibits

Arts and Crafts                                 Margaret Boylan

Educational Top Exhibitor                Pat Carver


Peoples' Choice - Design                   Carol Lucia 

Peoples' Choice - Horticulture           Bernadette Harris

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