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We are pleased that you are interested in the Garden Club of St. Petersburg (GCSP).

The Benefits of Belonging to a Garden Club  (Note: click on links underlined in the text for more information) 

The rewards of joining a local club within the National Garden Clubs umbrella go far beyond the pleasures of growing things.

 Becoming a member almost anywhere in the U.S. or affiliated international locations is simple and inexpensive.

Yet membership opens the door for you to explore a wide range of common interests with people around the world and across the generations.

Garden for a purpose with community service projects, including disaster relief efforts
and skill-building activities in eco-scaping, community beautification, etc.
Participate in the State Garden Clubs network for learning, service and community-building.
Promote environmental causes on a local, regional and national basis.
Grow your own edibles or launch a community edible garden, for tastier, healthier, less expensive local fare.
Learn to make the most of resources, including your available garden space.
Enhance your garden's sustainability and reduce maintenance by planting "native" rain gardens and saving water.
Learn from those with experience, and pass along your own passion and know-how to new generations of gardeners.

When you join the local Garden Club of St. Petersburg, your dues entitles you to membership in the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs (FFGC) and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC). Membership includes a quarterly magazine, The Florida Gardener from FFGC and a quarterly newsletter, The Grapevine from GCSP.  Annual dues to join the Garden Club is $40.00 - with an additional $5.00 for each Circle joined (this includes dues for the local, state and national organizations).

To apply for membership, please download and print the membership application and send it to the Club with your check.

Membership Application (pdf), click here to download file


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